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Your life is your choice || Saayoni Ghosh || My Canvas Talk

Miss Saayoni Ghosh is an Indian Bengali film and television actress. Her acting debut was in the telefilm Ichhe Dana in 2010. She came to limelight after doing a prominent role In the film Kanamachi & after that, there was no looking back. She played significant roles in blockbuster films like Meghnadbodh Rohoshyo, Rajkahini, Bitnoon, Byomkesh O chiriakhana, Ekla Cholo, Cholo Lets Live etc which are applauded by the audience. In this talk, Miss Saayoni Ghosh shared her journey from her childhood to becoming a Tollywood star. She talked about why parental support is important in her journey so far. She believes if you want to achieve something very big in life, start it from your home and also if you believe you can change the world, start with being a nice human being. She is the example of working hard can lead you to the top of any industry and most importantly if you believe in yourself then the world is yours.

We are hoping Miss Saayoni Ghosh's words will bring motivation to those people, who want to follow dreams against all odds.

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