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You can throw acid on my face but not on my dreams || Monisha Pailan || My Canvas Talk

Monisha Pailan is a Social Activist. Who is working to bring the acid attack victims to the mainstream of life as well as fighting for their justice. Miss Monisha herself is an Acid attack victim and she knows the hurdles to come back in the mainstream of life. She also participates in many awareness programs to motivate other victims. In this talk Monisha Pailan shared her journey from the days of school to the story of village culture of the India. Where the society is still difficult for the women when the subject comes for safety. Monisha was like everyone else, young, beautiful energetic and full of dreams in her eyes with the passion for singing, dancing and education, and suddenly the acid attack happened. But, Monisha Pailan is one of the few people who raised her voice against every odd.

We are hoping Miss Monisha Poilan's words will bring motivation to those people, who want to follow dreams against all odds.

The Complete video link is here:

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