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The secret is, music breaks all the barriers || Adil Rashid | Underground Authority | My Canvas Talk

Mr. Adil Rashid is the lead guitarist of the band "Underground Authority" and the pop duo “Paloma and Adil” He also has several musical associations with Euphoria, Nikhita Gandhi and several other prominent artists. Winner of multiple national level competitions as the best guitar player, and a music producer and solo artist as well, he is now endorsed by Gibson Guitar Corporation, USA and Rotosound Strings, UK. He makes regular appearances in live performances and television.

As Mr. Rashid calls himself a Music Maker, in this talk you'll find the true journey of how a normal child from a normal family became the rockstar. Even he faced the traditional choice of becoming an engineer, a doctor or an MBA guy, but following his dream and hard work his where he is right now, the team member of India's one of the famous band the "Underground Authority". In this talk he also spoked about if you want to understand the music language then you have to think differently from your past life. Even his musical language was so powerful that working Bengal and not knowing the traditional language doesn't stop him to reach his dreams. And the great part is music was inside him, from his school time, he started getting into the music from his school days.

His story is example of, if you have band then it should speak one language that is "Music Language". Not only this, he studied engineering but when he chose music as his career option a lot of parametres come in the path but he overcame everything to reach to this level. And now his tune can make thousands and thousands of people mad about music.

We are hoping Mr. Adil Rashid's voice will bring motivation to those people, who want to follow dreams against all the social trends and creates their own story.

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