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The man who is working to change the education system || Meghdut RoyChowdhury || Techno India Group

Mr. Meghdut RoyChowdhury is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and changemaker. He started his first company at the age of 19, a music recording studio by the name of BlooperHouse Studios, which has to date produced more than 2000 albums and artists from across the world. Meghdut has a Masters in Management with a specialization in International Business from HEC Paris, Stanford University and Tel Aviv University. He is currently the Director, Global Operations at Techno India Group, one of the largest educational conglomerates in India and has been driving a new wave of experiential inter-disciplinary learning for adults through the recently established Offbeat CCU, a school of the future. He also runs a co-working space/startup incubator called 'Technopreneurs Surrogate Ventures' in Kolkata. He has received the Eminent Young Entrepreneur award at the Times Knowledge Icon 2018 in Kolkata, India for his work in the field of promoting young entrepreneurs and initiatives in emerging technologies and has a special interest in reviving the independent music scene of his hometown through promoting live gigs and events regularly.

In this talk, Mr. RoyChowdhury shared his entrepreneurship journey and his theory towards the change of education system. His journey is clearly an example of living a life out of the box. At the age of 19, he started his journey by creating his own music production house. He also shared the story of his entrepreneur parents who is the founder of The Techno India Group. His talk will surely enlighten your vision towards entrepreneurship and education. His love for the city of joy- Kolkata always brought him back in this city to serve the people in his own way.

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