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Story of ZERO to ONE MILLION || Anubhav Mukherjee || The Kolkata Buzz || My Canvas Talk

Mr. Anubhav Mukherjee is the founder of one of the biggest social media agency of Kolkata, named The Kolkata Buzz. Currently, he is holding the position of CEO in his organization. The fun part is he is the creator of one of the biggest Kolkata's media hub but he is not from the city itself. Interesting right? The person who can not even speak Bengali properly is now an example of the rest of the people from Kolkata who wants to be a social media expert, influencer. His journey has the power to break all the barriers and stand on the top.

In this talk, Mr. Mukherjee shared his journey as well as the hardest part of creating one of the biggest social media hubs of Kolkata from zero to hundreds and now crossed a million. He believes you don't need very good academic degrees to became someone in the world of social media, all you need is your passion for the job. There was a time when Mr. Mukherje had 10 rupees in his hand but gradually hard works changed the picture, now from big brands to big celebrities works with him. He is also passionate about films and photography, you'll find all of the journeys here.

If someone is wondering how to follow the passionate about creating a change in social media and became an influencer, this a must for them. But growing from zero to 1 million is a reason to get inspired for everyone.

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