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Never Settle, Keep Challenging Yourself || Satrajit Sen || Tripod Entertainment || My Canvas Talk

Satrajit Sen is an Indian filmmaker and content producer with a National Award under his belt for his production "Bakita Byaktigato". He has been known to promote young and new talent through his music label Major7th and production house "Tripod Entertainment". He has recently formed a joint venture with the Techno India group and opened a film school named scene to create "Centre for creative arts". The journey of becoming one of the best names of Tollywood industry was not easy. He started his career from a different section of industries from car resale to finance company to various media houses. Throughout his career, he never settled for anything till he finds out where he is best at and gradually three of his friends together created "Tripod Entertainment" which is now production house of some of the biggest names including "Maach Mishti & More", "Michael", "Bodhon"', "Ami aar amar girlfriends", etc. Mr. Sen is also a notable alumnus of "Lee Strasberg Institute".

We are hoping Mr. Satrajit Sen's words will bring motivation to those people, who want to achieve the top of the success. And listening to his journey one can learn about the philosophy "Never settle, keep challenging yourself"

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