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Journey of a Single Mother || Swaralipi Chatterjee || Abar Baithak || My Canvas Talk

Swaralipi Chatterjee is the founder of "Abar Baithak"- The Coffee Shop. She is also an actor and one of the promising women entrepreneur of India. Apart from this, she believes her biggest achievement is being a single mother. She believes in following her passion and hard work. Her story is definitely an inspiration for the women out there as well as for those people who believe in "doing" no matter what. In this talk, you'll find out the journey of a woman who is strong enough to say "no" to every obstacle and became successful even after being failed in her business journey but from there she learned more about the business and now she is a successful entrepreneur today. This talk is also strong evidence that even being a single mother it also possible to be a successful independent business individual carrying her passion for acting as well. We are hoping her words will bring motivation to those people especially to those women who still feel they are bounded and searching for freedom and that leads to the ultimate success.

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