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How a man is FIGHTING against SUICIDE || Abhishek Kundu || My Canvas Talk

Mr. Abhishek Kundu, working on suicide prevention awareness throughout the Bengal. In his awareness program, he also conducts talk therapy to clients who are suffering from depression and other disorders. Till now he has communicated with more than 100 people and helped them with their mental issues. He is currently working as a Director (In India) for Global Goodwill Ambassadors.

In this talk, Mr. Kundu shared his journey where you'll find a common man from the street of Mumbai is now a big name in the suicide awareness program of the entire Bengal. He shared his experience with his mother which gradually brought his family here in Kolkata.

The journey was not easy for him, even he had a problem with communication because of a speech disorder. But now he is not only communicating but also through his communication he is helping a number of people to stop ending their life. You'll find everything in detail in this talk.

His words will not only help someone who is going through depression but also will encourage people for the awareness programs.

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