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From a Drug Addict to a Successful Businessman || Saikat Sarkar || My Canvas Talk

Mr. Saikat Sarkar is not only a successful businessman (CEO of 6th Vedas) but also the founder of the famous Baul Sangeet (Bengali folk music) Music Festival "Manush Mela" and also he is a "Baul Fakir Philosophy Researcher".

But the journey to reach this height was not very straight, it had a lot of turning points. Mr. Sarkar always believed in the motivation, "If you can believe the night will pass because the daylight is coming, so the dark moments of your life will be wiped out as like the night". So believing in the sun or the positive energy brought in the best version of his life. There was a time period of 10 years when he was in the middle of drug addiction and not only this he used to live in the stations.

He started his career as a content writer and gradually formed his company "6th Vedas" which is a web development and branding strategy based company and Manush Mela is the place for one of the biggest folk music festival.

A lot of people always struggles to get rid of their dark moments in their life, there is various kind of addictions which holds us back sometimes. My Canvas Talk hoping that Mr. Saikat Sarkar's journey will create a milestone in many people's lives, and they'll find the motivation to hunt for the "sun" in their darkest times.

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