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After 100 failures, there comes one success story || Saptaswa Basu || My Canvas Talk

Mr. Saptaswa Basu is a film director and producer from Kolkata who is probably the youngest film director of his time in India who has been making shorts since Class 12. Being an electronics engineering graduate, he continued pursuing his dream and ambition of being a full-time filmmaker and after several telefilms, shorts and ads, he has finally produced and directed his first feature film "Network" in 2019 which opened to the tremendous response from Bengal, Mumbai, etc. This has been truly a humongous journey from being a kid of an average middle-class family with absolutely zero connections to fight corruption, bias and a thousand other hurdles to open his own studio as an entrepreneur and filmmaker. In this talk, Mr. Basu shared his journey of becoming one of the best Tollywood movie directors from a simple middle-class family boy. He shares the struggles that he faced during his growing up period he even shares why it is important to not always follow the social trends but to listen to your heart and follow your dreams. The journey was not always easy for him a lot of rejections took place in the path of success. According to him, if you believe in your dreams, you'll be the director of your story.

We are hoping Mr. Saptaswa Basu's voice will bring motivation to those people, who want to follow dreams against all the social trends and creates their own story.

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