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What is My Canvas Talk

My Canvas Talk is an initiative taken by Amar Canvas® (which is a unit of ADRB ART Private Limited). “My Canvas Talk” is currently a YouTube-based platform where we promote stories or specifically the journeys of bright personalities from across India (And gradually we are planning to move different part of the country as well as in different part of the world). In order to re-invent the power of stories directly from the stage. We believe, stories have the capabilities to inspire people, to motivate people and sometimes it helps to rediscover own self.


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We promote your brand's logo as a sponsored or supported partner on the videos of My Canvas Talk video and also share your brand's details in the description of the video. Once the video is uploaded on the web it'll be there for forever, the more we grow the more the brand reach to your audience. We generally on average receive like 1.5K views in 2 days. Our more than 50% of audiences belong from the age group of 18-24. Which is best for any future-oriented brand. And we have a greater reach in various corners of India as our more than 68% of audiences are from India. So if you want to reach pan India we can be your best choice. As well as in more than 20% of our audiences are from Bangladesh.

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